About me

Cristina is a dedicated and passionate yoga teacher who has transformed her life through the power of yoga and unwavering determination. Her journey is a testament to the incredible resilience of the human spirit.

Italian descent born in Venezuela and lived in places as New York City, Rishikesh and London. Cristina faced numerous challenges and obstacles early in life. Despite these difficulties, she developed an unshakable belief in the healing and transformative potential of yoga.

With sheer determination, she embarked on a personal journey to discover the depths of this ancient practice.

My mission

Cristina understands firsthand how yoga can be a source of strength during life's most challenging moments. She believes that the combination of mindful movement, breath control, and meditation can not only heal the body but also mind and the soul.

Her personal experiences have shaped her teaching style, making her classes a safe and nurturing space for her students to explore their own inner strength.

Her teaching philosophy is rooted in the idea that yoga is for everybody, regardless of age, fitness level, or previous experience. She strives to make yoga accessible to all and tailors her classes to meet the unique needs of her students.

Cristina is dedicated to helping her students overcome physical and mental obstacles through yoga.

Her classes focus on building strength, flexibility, and inner peace, all while fostering a sense of community and support. She firmly believes that by practicing yoga, individuals can tap into their inner resilience and discover their full potential.

Outside the yoga studio, Cristina is involved in various community outreach programs, where she shares her story and offers yoga as a tool for empowerment and healing. 

Create your personalized Yoga Course

You can create your personalized course and define your routine and schedule.

Yoga Certification

As a certified yoga instructor with Vinyasa yoga ashram, Hare Rama and Rebirth yoga in India, Rishikesh Yoga capital of the world, Cristina brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her classes.